Laser Instructions

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Prepping your File

  • If your file is a vector open it in illustrator and export as a DXF as version "AutoCAD 2000" and mm.
  • If your file is a bitmap that you are going to engrave, export it as a black and white GIF or PNG.

Open the Laser Cut program, it has a star icon.

In Laser Cut use Import (not Open) to bring in your DXF or PNG/GIF.

Set the power settings to something appropriate for your material and place your object where you want to cut. See Laser Settings for typical values.

Download the file to the laser Using the download button, then click "Download Current" (if a dialog shows up click "Okay") close the download window.

Setting Up Your Material

Place your material in the bed (make sure it is an approved material!) and align it to where you want to cut (using "Run Box" or the "Immediate" feature.)

Place the aluminum cylinder placed underneath the yellow/gold part of the moving head (not under the lens!) and on your material and press the "Z-datum" button in Laser Cut. This will focus the laser on your material. Put the aluminum cylinder back into its holder.

Running the Job

Press "Run" in Laser Cut. Make sure to keep an eye as it is running to make sure it doesn't start a fire. Also keep an eye out for smoke if it is accumulating STOP YOUR JOB and check the ventilation system.

Emergency and Damage

In an emergency, press the big red button. If you encounter any issues or damage anything send an email to [email protected] right away.

Engraving Bottles and Other Cylinders

You can use the rotary attachment to engrave cylinders (bottles and other round objects). This replaces the Y axis.

A tutorial is here.