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The brake/shear/roller is a King Industrial BB-3022, belonging to the shop. This tool requires training before use.

The working width of the tool is 30", though the right end of the shear is dull (as of this writing), and fingers for the full width don't seem to be available (though Jacob fabricated a long section, so things are much better than when we got the tool).

The brake, shear, and roller on this tool are all designed to handle the same maximum thickness of metal. In mild steel, this is 22ga or .036" Equivalances in other metals are:

  • Stainless steel: .030"
  • SAE 1050 cold-rolled steel: .030"
  • Aluminum: .064"
  • Soft brass: .051"
  • Half-hard brass: .036"
  • Annealed phosphor bronze: .040"
  • Soft copper: .051"
  • Hard copper: .040"
  • ABS plastic: .120"

Bending larger material can be accomplished using the metal bender (currently stored behind the stove) which has an assortment of dies for different diameters. It attaches to the corner of the table beside the vice with one bolt and two C-clamps.