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General Information

The mill is a Wells Index Model 700, with a 2hp spindle motor, which has had FIXME:modifications. The mill requires training before use.


FIXME: Include specs

Special Instructions

The speed of the spindle should be controlled by software, rather than by using the levers on the gearbox. (The motor controller is set up to give the correct speed when the gearbox is set to 4200rpm; if more torque is needed, you can do the math, adjust the gearing--don't select between high and low registers when the spindle is turning, and don't select a speed within a register when the spindle is not turning--and then return the gearbox to 4200rpm when you're done.)

  • To start the spindle, issue the command M03 Sxxxx were xxxx is the spindle speed in RPM
  • To stop the spindle, issue the command M05 or click the spindle start/stop button
  • To start the spindle counterclockwise (for left-handed tools), issue the command M04 Sxxxx