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During the summer of 2018, Site 3 updated the shop membership structure to ensure continued sustainable operation while ensuring we remained one of the most affordable maker spaces in town. The new membership changes will encourage active participation in shop operations and ensure we have a reliable revenue source to pay rent and maintain equipment for the future.

Membership Options Introductory Associate Core
Cost $60 (Tax included) $60 (Tax included) $60 (Tax included)
Access to shop Monday 4:00 PM - 11:59 PM, Saturday 12:00 AM - Sunday 11:59 PM, Any other time shop is open including open house. 24/7 shop access 24/7 shop access
AGM and voting rights NO NO YES
Locker included NO NO NO

Community & Shop Engagement

Progression from Introductory -> Associate membership or from Associate -> Core membership requires participation in shop operations. The tasks to progress are openly posted below and on the application form. The membership committee will review applications and complete the process for each person individually

The form can be found and completed at []

The Preliminary Points Structure is as follows: Helping writing grants - 3 points Leading an art project at the shop - 5 points Participating in an art project at the shop - 3 points Leading a shop improvement project - 5 points Helping with a shop improvement project - 3 points Teaching a class - 2 points Being on a committee - 3 points Chairing a committee - 5 points Organizing a fundraiser, party, or event - 5 points Helping with a fundraiser, party or event - 2 points Representing Site 3 at an event - 2 points Maintain an officer role - 5 points The following activities are verified by signing in Attending SCUD - 2 points/scud Maintaining a tool, or learning to - 3 points Giving tours (Hosting) on Tuesday or Thursdays - 1 point Refilling the water or coke machines and returning empties or changing the toilet - 2 points This list will be reevaluated periodically. Current members can direct any questions to [[email protected]]