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Classes are ludicrously easy to organize and run at Site 3. Ludicrously. Easy. We split the net profit of the class 50/50 with the class organizer, so basically, as long as you bill enough per person to cover the cost of your materials, you win, we win, everybody wins. Why not use your winnings to cover your dues for the month? Do that!

Classes at Site 3 are organized via our account with Eventbrite, located at To organize a class, ask Alex or Jonathan to create the class at Eventbrite.

To Organize A Class, You Need:

  • Materials. How much do yours cost? KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS. They're necessary for reimbursement.
  • An idea of what you want to charge for a class. This should cover your time and your materials per person!
  • Date and time. Check the g-calendar and the existing Eventbrite for an opening at least two weeks away.
  • A writeup of what you want to teach, what people will get out of it, and a photo.
  • Now ask to have this put in the Eventbrite. Don't have the above? Talk to someone. Ask!
  • Once it is in the queue, promote your class! This is a big one. Get it made, then start making a lot of noise about it. We cannot do it alone.
  • When it's done, we do the math from your registrants and your expenses and give you a cheque. Here is a sample of that math:

10 people.
$30 a person.
Paper was -$125.
10x30 = 300 (this is the gross.)
300 - 125 = 175 (this is the net)
$175/2 = 87.5 (this is 50% of the net)
87.5 + 125 for paper = $212.50 in a cheque, to you.

Promoting Classes

Classes should be submitted to:

Ideas and Inspiration

Is that it, you say? IS IT REALLY SO SIMPLE? Yes. Really. It's that easy. Do it up! Here are some class ideas in case you have no idea what you might share: