Shop Contacts

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The board can be reached at [email protected] This address should be reserved for legal and oversight matters. All other inquiries, requests, etc. should go to the executive committee.

  • Kris Coward
  • Anthony Morgan
  • Seth Hardy
  • Chris Reid
  • Lindy Wilkins


The executive committee can be reached at [email protected] When in doubt, use this address.

  • Executive Director: Marc Reeve-Newson
  • Chair: Seth Hardy
  • Treasurer: Agata Wszolek
  • Secretary: Jacob Botden
  • Membership Coordinators: ??
  • Education Director: Alana Predko
  • Shop Operations Manager: Adam Dirks
  • Communications Coordinator, Party Planning Committee Lead: Haley Johnson
  • Tool Maintenance Manager: Alex Borins
  • Health and Safety Supervisor: Kerri Seers
  • Sales and Acquisitions Manager: Matias Costa
  • LGBTQ Open House Coordinator : Lindy Wilkins
  • Ombudsperson: Larry Coker