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(Low Priority)
(Medium Priority)
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==Medium Priority==
==Medium Priority==
* Bike racks
** Move the RFID reader closer to the door
* Do something with the arcade cabinet
==Low Priority==
==Low Priority==

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Things that we can do to make the shop nicer. These make great open house projects to recruit new people with (except for the incinolet repair).

High Priority

    • Open House information
    • Membership information
    • Laser instructions
    • Other tool instructions
  • Asset tags
    • Fix the incinolet
  • Fix the vending machine
  • Membership kiosk
  • Move Laser Upstairs

Medium Priority

Low Priority

  • Permanent projector mounting
  • Permanent speaker mounting
  • Box near the door for incoming mail
  • Literature holder somewhere for membership forms and waivers
  • Tetris actually tetrising? Info on how to do it?
  • Repair switch on table bandsaw.
  • Running Water