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Promote a culture of safety and responsibility. If you feel uncomfortable with the way someone is behaving in the shop, particularly with regards to safety, it is your responsibility to step forward and say something. Many of our tools are dangerous if used improperly, and unsafe use threatens our ability to keep these tools.

Leave the shop in as good or better condition than when you found it. This is a shared workshop space, and everyone deserves the best conditions for the tools and workplace. When working on projects, do not monopolize the space. Leave space for others to work as well. When working on an ongoing going project, like a glue up or paint drying, email the members list stating: who it belongs to, when it is safe to move and when it will be removed from the shop. Put away all you own projects and materials in the proper storage areas or in your locker or cupboard. Label all your projects and materials clearly and permanently. If a tool breaks or a consumable is used up, report it. If you finish water from the cooler, report it. If you hold an event, clean up afterwards. If you use a tool, put it back where you found it. These may be little things, but they add up quickly when not taken care of.

Be mindful of shared resources. Provide all your own materials and consumables. If you use any materials for sale by the shop or consumables provided, pay a reasonable donation into the dues box upstairs. Many of our tools are not shop property and are on loan by members. Please be respectful of our tools and equipment, whether it belongs to the shop or members. This is not just an issue of being polite - a damaged tool can be dangerous for the next person using it.

Be courteous to other members, guests and visitors. Harassment of any sort will not be tolerated and could result in severe consequences.

Ask for help if you need it. This is not just for projects, but also for safety. If you don't know how to use a tool, please ask.

Address inappropriate shop behavior. It is the responsibility of all members to address inappropriate shop behavior, whether regarding safety or these guidelines. If you see someone doing something inappropriate, you are expected to address this issue. If your are not comfortable speaking with the person behaving inappropriate, raise the issue to one of the officers or the board of directors.

Contribute to the sustainability of the shop Site 3 is a communal workshop, with no paid staff. We are all volunteers, and our membership dues do not cover all expenses. Please help out however you can, for example by teaching classes, organizing events, posting on the website or Facebook, maintaining a tool or machine or spending extra time on shop cleaning and organization.